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Hot Tub Spa Repair and Maintenance in Calgary

A hot tub should only bring you relaxation and comfort, not stress or worry. When your hot tub breaks down, protect your investment by calling a technician from Jessy James Tubs & Games in Calgary to perform factory-authorized repairs.

Hot Tub Repairs, Maintenance, Covers and More

Regardless of how old you think your hot tub may be, by calling our experienced technicians, you can get a professional diagnosis of how much we can salvage of your hot tub. Don’t give up on your source for home relaxation – call Jessy James Tubs & Games. We've performed numerous hot tub repairs to our customers’ full satisfaction.

Our technicians have all the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to complete any job, whether it is:

  • Acrylic repair
  • Cabinet repairs
  • Complete diagnostics
  • Covers
  • Chemical and filter maintenance
  • Heater replacement
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Pump rebuilds
  • Spa electronics and control replacement

If you don’t see your problem or issue on this list, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your question or concern.

Hot Tub Service Pricing*
Service call (diagnose) - $85.00
General labour rate - $85.00/hour
Hot tub winterize - $149.95
Hot tub flush - $180.00
Deluxe hot tub flush - $250.00

*All parts and equipment varies upon make/model. Please contact Jessy James Tubs & Games for accurate pricing. All prices are subject to mileage fees outside of the Calgary area.

Hot tub

Chemical Maintenance Guide

Chemical test

Proper maintenance of the water in your hot tub will prolong the life of your spa, protect your investment, and extend your enjoyment. We’ve included an extensive list of the types of cleaning products that you will need as well as how to use them to test and clean your hot tub water so that you can ultimately enjoy the heat and the bubbles safely.

Start up:

  • Add (100mls) stain or scale control (Control, Prevent ll, Secure)
  • Add Dispenser w/ (3-4 tablets bromine/chlorine)
  • Add additional bromine or chlorine in granular form if desired (once water is above 80 Fahrenheit)

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Add one cap (Control, Prevent ll, Secure) (once a week)
  • Test water w/ test strips (once a week)
  • Add 1 bromine/chlorine tablet if required once a week
  • Add Shock (1 tbls after each use or 2/week at 1 tbls)
  • Add Alka-rise (only when test strips indicate)
  • Add PH reducer/booster (only when test strip indicates/and alkalinity is within 80-120ppm range)

Water Chemistry:

  • Using a floating dispenser system will make chemical maintenance much easier for the user.
  • Once bromine/chlorine is introduced in the body of water it will become active, although, over a short duration of time (2-3 days) the sanitizer (Bromine/Chlorine) will start to become dormant. (Sanitizer is not working in full strength). This is why we use the chemical called Shock. Shock is an oxidizer which reactivates dormant bromine/chlorine to make the sanitizer work at full strength. 
  • Once bromine/chlorine is dissolved in water it cannot be lost, except through evaporation.

Alkalinity is crucial in water chemistry. If the alkalinity becomes too low this means your body of water is becoming acidic in a ppm form (ppm=parts per million). Allowing alkalinity to drop below 80-120ppm (the okay range on test strips) will not allow other chemicals to work effectively. Alkalinity is reduced through use.

Maintenance Tips:

  • When adding chemicals, always make sure you have all your pumps running to increase the circulation in your hot tub.
  • Never mix chemicals when adding them to your water.
  • Rinse your filters every few weeks, and clean thoroughly every time you drain your tub.
  • Drain and refill hot tub every 3-4 months or when weather permits. (Keep in mind almost every chemical introduced into the water has a corrosive label. Allowing this water to stay in the body too long can result in damage to everything it touches. This is why more frequent water changes will help you achieve a longer life out of your spa).
  • Never leave a drained hot tub out during cold weather (-0 Celsius) without winterizing it.
  • Whenever performing a start-up, once the hot tub is full of water, turn the dedicated breaker to it in the “ON” position. Immediately go out to your hot tub and make sure that the pumps don’t become air locked on the start. (Symptoms of an airlock would be: you can hear the pump/motor running but not water pressure out of the jets)
  • You can bleed the pump by turning it off and on, if the airlock continues after 10 unsuccessful tries, and then bleed it from the pump.


Shock activates bromine/chlorine stored in the water, which in turn kills bacteria. If there is no bromine/chlorine banked (stored) in your water the shock will not activate any sanitizer and therefore won’t be effective.


Bromine and chlorine are forms of sanitizer (kills bacteria). Bromine is a slower-acting and less concentrated form of chlorine. Both chemicals are corrosive, but bromine is easier on most users’ skin as well as the hot tub.

Floating Dispenser:

  • The floating dispenser can be adjusted to allow for a higher or lower amount of chemical release. (bromine/chlorine tablets)
  • The ideal setting point is “6” for a hot tub used 3-4 times a week.
  • The dispenser should always have bromine/chlorine tabs in it. 
  • (Volume of 3-4 tablets)


  • Is only to be added when the test strips indicate that the alkalinity is LOWER than 80ppm. 
  • (Having the water high in alkaline is fine “above 120ppm“, below “80ppm” bad)
  • If the water is low in alkaline this means your chemicals will become less effective because they are less soluble in acidic water, as well as the water is slowly eating away at everything it touches.
  • One capful increases the total alkalinity by 10ppm. (1,400L of water)

EXAMPLE: your test strip indicated that your alkalinity is at 40ppm you need to raise it 40ppm to bring it to 80ppm so you would then add 4 capfuls of Alka-rise.

Control, Secure and Prevent ll:

Helps prevent stain and scale formation in your hot tub.

pH Booster:

  • Increases the pH in your water. (only to be added when your alkalinity is within 80-120ppms indicated on your test strip)
  • One capful increases by 0.6 roughly.

pH Reducer:

  • Reduces the pH in your water. (only to be added when your alkalinity is within 80-120ppms indicated on your test strip) 
  • One capful reduces by 0.6 roughly.

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