Unforgettable Hot Tub Moments in Pop Culture

They’re bubbly, they’re soothingly warm, and they just so happen to be one of the most popular television/movie props in modern times. Hot tubs like the ones in our customers backyards have been used everywhere from romance to comedy, and they’ve created some lasting memories that we still laugh at to this day.

Here are some unforgettable hot tub moments in pop culture.

Perhaps the most famous name to ever emerge from the storied New York City comedy show, there was actually a time when Eddie Murphy was just another funny comedian on TV, and not the megastar we know him as today. That all changed when he donned the character of the most famous funk man in history, James Brown. Singing in his patented soulful voice, and pulling some awesome dance moves, Murphy delicately dips his toes in and out of the hot tub!

He makes sure to tell the audience that he’s getting in the hot tub just about every time he tries. The end result: hilarity. Don’t try this one at home.

Hot Tub Time Machine

We wall want a hot tub with massage jets, comfortable seats, and awesome bubble-making abilities, but what about one that can travel through time? That’s exactly the fate that befalls three hapless friends caught in a rut in life. After a night of partying, they find themselves stuck in 1986 after being swallowed by a resorts time traveling hot tub. Complete with reckless abandon for comments on past fashion trends, tons of laughs, and a great cast of characters, this whole movie deserves a spot on this list. Sorry, but we don’t have any time traveling models in stock.

SNL’s The Lovers: Hot Tub Episode

The list of memorable characters that Will Ferrell has created is too long for us to cover in one awesome blog, but the one that got the most laughs from the crowd (and from fellow cast members while performing!) is his duet with Rachel Dratch called The Lovers. The sketch, which centers on a couple of erudite professors with funny accents that don’t hesitate to reveal intimate details about their personal lives, reached its zenith with the hot tub episode. Joined by Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore in the hot tub, The Lovers recount their magical love journeys and mystic nights falling asleep to the pounding of native drums. No one could keep a straight face.
Some of our customers just come to us hoping to get a tub that they can relax in, and others want the most incredible home relaxation experience on the market. These most unforgettable hot tub moments in pop culture follow a simple formula: friends, hot tubs, and a whole lot of fun!

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