Designing the Perfect Game Room

If you are thinking of renovating a room in your house and designating it a recreational area, we have some tips for you! As experts in pool tables, ping pong tables, and darts, we know how to have fun.

Tips for the Best Game Room

Pick a Theme

  • Too many people try to stuff too many things into a recreational space. If the room is cluttered and claustrophobic, it will not get used. The best strategy is to pick one focal point. The exception to this rule is the dual ping pong and pool table, which is converted without effort or clutter.

Keep it Comfortable

  • A game room is all about relaxing and having fun. This is one time where comfort is far more important than aesthetic. This is the place to put your comfiest couch and armchairs.

Get Rid of Clutter

  • It can be tempting to use the game room as a storage space. However, when you have the Christmas ornaments, gardening equipment, and old photo albums in the same space that you want to have fun, it’s not going to be relaxing. Be firm, and keep the space true to its purpose.

Stay Out Breakables!

  • If you want everyone to be able to relax, you should store breakables elsewhere. If you stick to items that are sturdy, you will be able to play darts without fear.

If you are considering renovating a room to put in a recreation space, give Jessy James Tubs & Games a call today. We’ve been serving Calgary’s recreational needs for years, and our loyal customer base speaks for itself. With our amazing selection of old and used pool tables, ping pong tables, darts, and accessories, we know that you will find all that you need to create the recreation room of your dreams.

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