The Game of Darts Has a Rich History

The game of darts has a long history. History has recorded the game of darts dates back hundreds of years. Some accounts suggest that the Greeks used to play a game very similar to darts while on the battlefield. During slow times, when battles were replaced with boredom Greek soldiers were said to have tossed dart-like objects at wooden wine barrels.

The 1500's Was a Big Time for the Game of Darts

In the year 1530, King Henry was given a dart set for a gift. This royal gift was given to him by none other than Anne Boleyn. But kings were not the only ones playing darts in the 1500's. In fact, people from all walks enjoyed the game. But it was not until later that the game as we know it evolved. In the past, darts were simply thrown at wine barrels and other wooden objects that were sitting around.

Trees Inspired the Modern Game of Darts

Slices of trees were common targets used by those who enjoy throwing darts. These tree slices would dry out over time and the rings would become exposed. These rings would be used to keep score and inspire the dart boards we know and love today. The pilgrims also brought their love of darts to the new world and used to play the game while making the long voyage over the Atlantic Ocean.

The Modern Game Gets Developed

In the year 1898, an American patented a folded paper flight which helped form the modern game. Later in the year 1898, an Englishman added to the game by patenting a metal barrel which closely resembles what we now know as a dart board. While these designs were much larger versions of what we use today it was the beginning of the modern-day sport. Thanks to these people and the ones that came before them, we now can enjoy a game of darts in many locations around the world including our own homes.

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