The Difference Between Pool and Snooker

Everybody has seen a billiards table or two in the movies – from old classic noir genres to modern day scenes in high class lounges. But what many people do not know (and what you should be about to tell your guests when they see your table) is the true crucial difference between playing a game of pool and a game of snooker. There are many games you can play on a pool table or a pool table, so when you own one, you should be able to distinguish between one game and another. Here are the main differences between pool and snooker.


Pool is a game of competition involving mainly an eye for colours. After arranging all the balls in numerical order (with the exception of the black "8" ball, which always sits in the middle) within the triangular rack, one player will break. To "break" the balls, one player scatters the balls by shooting the cue ball into the triangular formation. If a solid colour of ball goes into a pocket, the player who broke is now "solids". The same is true if the player sinks a striped ball - then that player is now “stripes”. From there, taking turns, whoever sinks all of their colours ending with the black 8 ball, wins. However, if you still have your colours on the table and you sink the 8 ball before it is the last ball, it is an automatic loss.

Keep It Comfortable

A game room is all about relaxing and having fun. This is one time where comfort is far more important than aesthetic. This is the place to put your comfiest couch and armchairs.


It can be tempting to use the game room as a storage space. However, when you have the Christmas ornaments, gardening equipment, and old photo albums in the same space that you want to have fun, it’s not going to be relaxing. Be firm, and keep the space true to its purpose.

Stay Out Breakables!

In a game of snooker, there are 22 balls including the white cue ball or striker ball. Then there are 15 red balls (each worth one point), 1 yellow (worth 2 points), 1 brown (4 points), 1 blue (5 points), 1 pink (6 points), 1 black (7 points), and 1 green (3 points). The object of snooker is to score a higher number of points than your opponent by alternating between sinking the red and other coloured balls into the pockets.

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