Entertain Guests, Look Cool, and Have Fun: The Reasons For Getting A Ping Pong Table

Here at Jessy James Tubs & Games, we sell a lot of great stuff to spruce up your home. Our products can turn the most boring spaces into party central if you do it right. We have pool tables, accessories, hot tubs, and a lot of other great stuff to bring the party here to Calgary. One of our favorites has to be our ping pong tables though. You don't have to be Forest Gump to enjoy playing the game, and its simplicity will keep you going for hours. Just a few of the reasons to get a ping pong table from us are:


Unlike billiards or some other games that might be difficult to set up or teach to a beginner, ping pong is incredibly simple and convenient. Sure it takes skill, coordination, strategy, and grit, but what it really boils down to is smacking a ball at your opponent so hard that he misses. It's like tennis, only more enjoyable and easier.

It is an awesome centrepiece for a party

Having friends over? Tired of playing boring card games or just hanging out around the TV? Are your cool stories about going out last weekend not going over well with the new friends you're trying to impress? Trust me, we've all been there. Having a gaming table right in the centre of your party space is a great way to take the pressure off, get people's energy flowing and have something to talk about. Pool is a cerebral game that takes patience and can be slow, whereas table tennis is fast paced and exciting. Impress everyone with how awesome your basement looks and how cool the game is.


Perhaps the best thing about our tables is just how convenient they are. Most other games take up a lot of space. Table tennis on the other hand is flexible and can be folded up. The setup is simple, and you can easily fold it and put it away. This maximizes your gaming space, increases flexibility, and saves you a lot of headaches. Don't hog up your whole room with a cumbersome dinosaur. Our sleek, modern, aesthetically-pleasing tables are just what you are looking for.

Few games have the ability to entertain us the way that this one does. I mean, it basically healed the relationship between the USA and China overnight, didn't it? There are a lot of great reasons to buy an awesome ping pong table from us, but convenience, simplicity, and fun are just the best. Contact us today to find out more about the awesome gaming tables and hot tubs that we offer in Calgary.

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