Must Have Pool Table Accessories

There really is nothing better than hanging out with a few friends, having some good beer, and playing pool. It's relaxing, a good test of skill, and keeps the whole night flowing. That's why we so highly recommend getting one for your basement or game room. Although just having the table, a few cues, and a set of billiard balls is enough to have a great time, there are some must have pool table accessories that could make things even more fun. Here are our most popular accessories.

9 Ball Rack

This is essential if you want to mix things up a bit. 9 ball is one of the most popular pool variants, and a lot of fun once you are too good at 8 ball. The great thing about playing this game is it involves a lot of different strategies that you might not be used to. You could even make a big event out of it. Hold a tournament, and make several different games events in a series. Hold a 9 ball championship! Anything you want.


These are great for playing games with. Pool pills are just little balls with a number on them that you put into a small bottle or bag, and select blindly. You can play a lot of variations including games where you draw a pill, and that number is your ball. Don't tell anyone. If it gets sunk, then you are out. Last one standing wins. There are many variants that could try, and they are all pretty simple.

Aramith Pool Ball Set

Few names are as well-respected in the industry as Aramith. They have a long and storied history of providing quality products, and offer everything from tournament sets, to glow in the dark balls. Purchasing them to go on your table adds a touch of style and class that isn't easily achieved by any other sets. Show that you mean business, and take billiards seriously with these great billiard balls.

Getting a pool table is a great way to have a fun and relaxing night all in the comfort of your own home. The best thing about having a table is all of the fun that you can have with just the table, a cue, and a set of balls. Still, it never hurts to have more. With a few must have accessories, you can have tons more fun without breaking the bank. Try from of our great and affordable accessories out, and see how you like them.

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