Hot Tub Etiquette: Some Rules to Live By

Everybody loves a good soak in the hot tub, but not everyone knows how to behave themselves. Here are a few handy tips to live by. (If you have guests using the hot tub frequently, consider making a small sign with a few of your favorite "Hot Tub Rules." It will make your life easier and put your guests at ease.)

  1. Go in clean. A hot tub is not a substitute for a bath, it is a shared space. (If you would shower before sitting on your host's couch, shower before getting in the hot tub.)
  2. If you have an open sore or wound, stay outside. You risk giving your fellow hot tubbers an infection.
  3. Don't let puppy in. Pets will clog the drain with their hair and dirty the water. Also, the high temperature of the hot tub means that your pet will probably not be safe in there.
  4. PDA and nudity: you know your host(s) best, but a good rule of thumb is to avoid both unless you are absolutely sure your host(s) are 100 percent okay with it.
  5. Careful with the drinks! Not only do you not want to contaminate the water, but the heat can dehydrate you and drastically lower your alcohol tolerance. It's a good idea to replace that drink with water until you're dry again.
  6. Don't bring food in (unless your host offers). You don't want to be stuck cleaning the tub next day, and neither do they!
  7. Watch the kids. Hot tubs are not the safest place for young people (the heat can affect them quickly, along with the inherent risk of water). Keep an eye on how long they've been in and if they are showing signs of being overheated / dehydrated. Never leave them alone in the tub.
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