Fun Games to Play on Your Pool Table

We all know about your standard game of pool. One side is solid, the other is stripes, and whoever gets to the 8 ball first and sinks it wins. While this game is a lot of fun and can entertain for hours, sometimes it is good to mix it up. Thankfully there are tons of variants you can play to add a little extra spice to your next pool night. Have you ever tried these fun games?


In this game you only need your standard equipment such as the balls, cue ball, and sticks. Each player gets a ball and the pockets are numbered from 1 to 6 in a clockwise fashion. You start by placing your ball on the foot spot, and then placing the cue ball behind the "ball in hand area” or in the section behind the head string. Your goal from here is to try and hit your ball into each pocket in ascending order. If you make it in, you take it out and go again. If you miss, everything is left as is, and the next person goes, shooting the cue ball from where it lies.

Cut Throat 8 Ball

In this variant, you have 3 players on a standard table. Everyone chooses a group of numbers. For example, player #1 will be balls 1-5, #2 will be 6-10, etc. And then the game plays as normal. Your goal is to score all of your balls before anyone else. This makes for fun gamesmanship and backstabbing when you try to mess with whoever is winning.

Standard 8 ball can be a lot of fun, but sometimes you just have to spice it up and add some new games into the mix. So next time you want to have everyone over for pool, try out these two fun 8 ball variants to play on your pool table.

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