Everything You Need to Know About the Game of Darts

While it may be most popular in the U.K., darts is a game that is also enjoyed around the world. Compared to other sports and games, this is one that requires a relatively small amount of equipment.

In most cases, dart sets include three dart barrels, with points - either plastic or steel - as well as flights and shafts that help in stabilizing the dart's path when it is tossed or thrown. In some cases, the dart barrels can be sold individually; however, the majority of manufacturers sell them as complete sets with the shafts, flights, points and barrels all pre-assembled.

In order to play the game, each player gets three darts. The first person throws their darts, removes them from the board, and then the next player will take their turn. It is important that there is never more than three darts on the board at the same time.

There are several dart games that you can play, with the classic game being called '01. The "01" is in reference to the fact that the game is played from a specific number of points, which always end in "01." The object of this game of darts is that every player starts with the exact same score - 501 being the most common - and the first one to reduce their score to "0" is named the winner.

Darts is a fun game and one that people of all ages can enjoy. It's a welcome addition to any home, and is often the centerpiece of a games room or basement bar area. For all your dart equipment needs, contact Jessy James Tubs & Games today. 587-353-7727

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