The Most Popular Dart Board Games

When played in your basement darts is a game that involves a few drinks, some good friends, and some good fun. On the highest level, it is a game that involves incredible skill, precision, and strategy, with the biggest competitions netting the victors thousands in prize money. The great thing about buying a dart board from us is that it is so versatile. It brings you all of the fun of a pool table, at a lower price and more convenience. Here are the most popular dart board games that you can play with friends.

501 or 301

This is the basic game that the sport is built on. You have your normal dart board with the normal scoring, and each player or team starts with 501 or 301. Your goal is to get that number down to zero by throwing 3 darts each time you visit the board. You have to get exactly zero though, so make sure to employ some strategy as you get down to the nitty gritty.


The true North American standard, cricket is by far the most popular game played in bars across the USA and to a lesser extent Canada. It is pretty simple and a whole lot of fun. There is some strategy involved and even a bit of luck, so don't get down on yourself if you aren't the best player of the bunch. The rules are simple, you have to eliminate all numbers from 20-15 plus the bullseye by hitting that number 3 times. First person or team to clear their board wins.

Round the Clock

This is a great beginners game and one that you can even play by yourself for extra practice when you have some down time. You simply start on 1 and move on to the next number after you've hit that one. You can't score the next one until you've scored the previous one. You move around the board until hitting number 20. First one to the end wins!

Dart boards are great because they are so versatile, affordable, and convenient. They are all the fun of larger games jam packed into a small board. With a ton of variants that are enjoyable and easy to learn, you can entertain yourself and guests for hours. These are the most popular and fun dart board games, and when you buy one from us you'll be able to have endless fun at a fair price.

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