Hot tubs in Calgary Alberta

Care, Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Calgary Hot Tub!

Many people enjoy having hot tubs in Calgary, especially during the colder times of year when they allow you to relax outside while staying nice and warm. To get the most enjoyment out of a hot tub, it needs to be regularly cleaned and well maintained. The Calgary hot tub repair experts at Jessy James Tubs & Games have put together a helpful guide to help you care for your hot tub so that you can keep using it for many years to come.

Hot Tub Cleaning Basics

A good rule of thumb when it comes to cleaning Calgary hot tubs is to completely drain and clean your tub about every three months. Replacing the water ensures that it stays clean, and giving your hot tub a good scrub removes any oils and chemicals which may have built up over time. Additionally, you'll want to clean your filters at least once every month using a stream of high-pressure water.

Sanitizing with Chlorine

Calgary hot tubs also need to be kept sanitized with an agent such as chlorine. Sanitizing your hot tub is important in order to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and viruses. Once to three times a week, depending on how much you use your hot tub, you'll want to test chlorine levels with a test strip. If levels are low, simply add granular chlorine until they are within acceptable limits.

Caring for Your Hot Tub Cover

Your hot tub cover is responsible for keeping debris out of your hot tub, and therefore needs to be kept in good shape with periodic cleanings. Thankfully, hot tub cover cleaning is easy. First you'll want to spray the cover with some water in order to get rid of surface grime. Next, take a gentle cleaner and scrub off any residue which remains. Finally, a good surface protectant can help your cover last longer.

Winter Hot Tub Care

Hot tubs in Calgary can be used all year 'round, you just have to take a few extra but simple maintenance steps during the winter. One of your most common tasks will be clearing off any accumulated snow and ice. Fitting your hot tub cover with a cover cap to add an extra layer of protection against snow and ice is a good idea. You'll also need to monitor your hot tub water levels, as the pumps may stop working if the water gets too low.

Calgary Hot Tub Repair and Preventative Maintenance

Proper hot tub care also entails calling in the right professionals when your hot tub requires repairs or just some regular maintenance. Rather than having to spring for a new hot tub because too many small problems have compounded into major ones, timely hot tub repair and maintenance can help ensure that your hot tub lasts for a long time to come.

Proud providers of hot tubs in Calgary, Jessy James Tubs & Games provides hot tub repair in Calgary as well. Not matter what the problem is, our experienced technicians can get to the bottom of it and have your hot tub working again. If you need hot tub repair or if you think your hot tub could use some routine maintenance or a new spa cover, just contact Jessy James Tubs & Games today.
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